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ShiftNote works on multiple devices

Save Time, Money and Frustration

Our web-based manager’s logbook software will enable you to log all your shift notes electronically; from anywhere you have access to the internet. With ShiftNote, you can save time and improve communication without having to decipher handwriting in a traditional redbook, plus you can allow all management staff access without having to pass a logbook around.

Ensure every shift is smooth with our easy-to-use employee and shift management tools. Whether you want to improve communication among staff and management, create employee schedules with ease, or both, we’ve got a shift management product that is right for you. All of our tools are available to try free for 30 days with no credit card required. We’re confident that once you start using ShiftNote in your restaurant or bar you’ll see improved communication, management, and organization within your team.

ShiftNote’s logbook software can be used for both single and multi-unit location restaurants and bars. It has been used as a restaurant manager’s communication logbook, and also in hotels, country clubs and golf resorts, healthcare facilities, and other locations where restaurant staff are a vital part of daily operations. ShiftNote is a great tool for any business that has many moving parts that work together. You can keep track of things like personnel issues, marketing initiatives, maintenance and repair work, product trends, and guest feedback.


What Our Customers Say

Testimonial 1
Jeff West Says
“We put everything into ShiftNote. With over 180 employees working for us we would be lost without ShiftNote.”Director of Operations, Great Lakes Brewing Company
Testimonial 2
Bethany Kramer Says
“The Scheduler is great for managing employee request for time off, and swapping shifts to make sure we always have coverage. It is a great tool to have and we think everyone should use it.”General Manager, Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers
Testimonial 3
Andrea Marion Says
“It is hard to imagine what we did before ShiftNote. It is so easy to use and I love everything about ShiftNote.”Manager, Il Vicino