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ShiftNote is an online employee scheduling tool and digital manager’s logbook for single and multi-unit restaurants. It will help to streamline your management communication and make restaurant staff scheduling a breeze. ShiftNote is web-based and available anywhere you have the internet, including on mobile devices.

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ShiftNote Features and Benefits

ShiftNote is jam packed with features that will help you and your team run your restaurant.

    • Shift notes/Staff journal
    • Daily reports and alerts
    • Sales & labor forecasting
    • Instantly searchable
    • Document storage
    • Create staff schedules
    • Auto schedule
    • Schedule using templates
    • Detect overtime
    • Assign multiple positions
    • Shift reminders
    • Employee portal
    • Time off and availability request
    • Shift trading/swapping
    • Advanced reporting

How ShiftNote Can Help Your Restaurant Succeed

ShiftNote is much more than just a restaurant employee scheduling tool, it can be used to manage your entire workforce and will save you time, money, and your sanity.

ShiftNote is an amazing tool to help with the day-to-day operations of running a restaurant like manager’s logbooks and employee shift scheduling. Using the Daily Log, managers can read up on what happened since the last time they were in the building, and can log what happened during their own shift for the next manager on duty. If they forget to enter something, no problem! ShiftNote is accessible from home and anywhere internet service is available.

By logging important stats and sales data, you can use ShiftNote to help keep track of patterns and use them to increase your future sales and minimize costs associated with food, equipment and labor. ShiftNote can also help save you from unemployment costs and help you monitor guest complaints and other activity.

Have questions about using our employee shift scheduling or online manager’s logbooks? Contact ShiftNote today!

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