Access ShiftNote Staff Scheduling Software from Mobile Devices and Computers

Our Employee Scheduling Software Is Everything Your Excel Spreadsheet Isn’t

Easily publish employee schedules for your entire staff to see, and give them the ability to release and pick-up shifts with the ease of a button. ShiftNote’s shift scheduler allows you to:
  • Spend less time creating schedules
  • Minimize your labor costs
  • Make your team happy
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Employee Scheduling Software Features

online scheduling

Create Staff Schedules

Auto schedule using templates, prevent overtime
employee portal

Employee Portal

View employee schedules, request time off, trade shifts


Daily roster, labor forecast, schedule summary
text alerts

Text & Email Alerts

Shift reminders, open shifts, pending approvals
internal email


Send messages to your employees


Allow employees to set own availability

It’s Simple & Easy to Use

Creating staff shift schedules is simple with our interactive interface.ShiftNote Employee Scheduling Software is Easy to Use and Interactive

Communicate with Staff

Employees can access their shift schedule from any computer or mobile device.Allow Your Employee's to Access their Staff Scheduling Software from Mobile Devices

Manage Shift Changes

Easily approve shift swaps and time off requests while you’re on the go.ShiftNote Helps Staff Easily Swap Shifts and Request Time Off on the Go