Shift Scheduling Online is Faster

ShiftNote's online employee scheduling software reduces the time it takes managers to create, communicate, and manage employee schedules. Our shift planning app makes your life easier in three simple ways:

  • Use shift schedule templates to write schedules 50% faster
  • Reduce scheduling errors, shortages, and overages
  • Employees access and manage their schedules on their phones

Shift Scheduling Software for Today's Workforce Management

Create Staff Schedules

Create Staff Schedules

Find the employee schedule template that is right for you. Our Auto Schedule feature makes shift planning simple and prevents overtime.

Employee Portal

Shift Planning App Includes Employee Portal

Not only does our shift scheduling online make your life easier, but employees too! Every staff member can view their schedules, request time off, and trade shifts.


Staff Scheduling Software Reporting

Get the data you have never had before to create efficient shift scheduling online and streamline your profits. Reporting includes a daily roster, labor forecast, and schedule summary.

Text & Email Alerts

Manager and Employee Text and Email Alerts

The best part of shift scheduling online is the ability to keep up to date on all shift planning changes. Managers and employees can receive text and email alerts for shift reminders, open shifts, and pending approvals.


Shift to Shift Communication with Messaging

Our employee scheduling software allows you to streamline communication. Send messages to your employees on the software and improve shift-to-shift communication.


Scheduling Tool Makes Availability Simple

The ShiftNote scheduling tool makes shift scheduling online faster. Instead of inputting individual employee availabilities, now employees can set their own availability.

Shift Scheduling Online That is Simple and Easy to Use

Creating staff shift schedules is simple with our interactive interface.

Easy to Use

Workforce Management with Staff Communication

Employees can access their shift schedule online from any computer or mobile device.

Communicate with Staff

Manage Shift Changes with Shift Scheduling Software

Easily approve shift swaps and time off requests while you’re on the go.

Manage Shift Changes