Ensure every shift is smooth with our easy-to-use employee and shift management tools. Whether you want to improve communication, create schedules with ease, or both, we’ve got a shift management product that is right for you and your team. All of our tools are available to try free for 30 days, no credit card required. We’re confident that once you start using ShiftNote you will see improved communication, management, and organization within your team that will help them to excel.

ShiftNote – Manager’s Logbook

Log your shift notes electronically and access them from anywhere you have the internet. Plus share documents, assign tasks, create events, and send messages for single or multiple locations at once.
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Communication is key! When relying on handwritten red books, information can be missed, things happen while you’re away, or the book can go missing. ShiftNote’s digital logbook is accessible anywhere you have the internet, even your mobile device. Communicating with the entire staff and management is easy, allowing you to keep track of daily shift notes, guest feedback, and keep track of marketing campaigns. Join more than 20,000 users to effectively run your shift. There’s no software to install and you can even sign up for a 30-day free trial. » Watch ShiftNote Demo

ShiftNote Manager's Logbook Helps Managers Organize Staff Information

ShiftNote Scheduler – Employee Scheduling Software

Create and edit schedules online from anywhere you have the internet with our shift scheduling tool. Easily publish schedules for your entire staff to see, and give them the ability to release and pick-up shifts with the ease of a button on our shift scheduling software.
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ShiftNote: Communication Evolved. No more phone calls, sticky notes or spreadsheets to manage staff shifts, request time off, or change shifts with another employee. The ShiftNote Scheduler allows businesses to manage employee scheduling anywhere there’s internet, including mobile devices. Create schedules, monitor overtime, and use the forecasting tools to help stay within your payroll budget. For employees, the ShiftNote Scheduler allows you to view your schedule, release shifts you’re unable to work, request time off, and communicate with your manager all in one easy to use location. Sign up for a 30 day free trial to see how ShiftNote Scheduler can help your business improve employee scheduling. » Watch ShiftNote Scheduler Demo
ShiftNote Scheduler is Helpful Employee Shift Scheduling Software