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How to Use Your Employee Schedule Template


Step 1

Set Up Positions

In tab 1 titled Positions, fill out the positions you schedule weekly for your employees. For instance, if you manage a restaurant some common positions would be server, host, bartender, prep cook, etc. 


employee schedule template


Step 2

Set Up Employees

In tab 2 titled Employees, fill out your employees' names, positions, and wage. There's also columns to fill out their emails and phone numbers, so all your employee contact information is in one place!


employee schedule template


Step 3

Build the Schedule

Build your schedule by selecting an employee in the first column and choosing a time in and time out for each shift of the week. The schedule template will automatically track how many total hours and labor dollars you're at per day and employee.

Employee schedule template


Want an even easier way to create employee schedules?

employee schedule template

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