Business Overview

We have 18 locations which means tons of shift communication on a daily basis. Menu changes, promotions and staff news. ShiftNote’s managers log book and employee scheduling software not only is a great platform for this type of communication, but you can reply, set up an occurrence/reminders, log shift notes, set up tasks and help with your year-over-year(YOY) results. I am a huge fan!! Thank you ShiftNote!

Benefits of Using ShiftNote

  • Improved staff communication
  • Operations have improved
  • Staff issues are easier to deal with
  • Any incidents can be recorded in the shift note
  • Helps with organization

On Average, Time Saved Per Shift on Management Related Tasks


Time Using ShiftNote

Using since 2011

Specific Time ShiftNote Was Useful

An incident happened with someone who fell in our restaurant. The incident was recorded the ShiftNote digital logbook. Months later the person came back looking for compensation. Their story did not match our notes in ShiftNote and we asked them several questions from that night. They were shocked we remembered and left. We never heard from them again.