Business Overview

We are a family of 8 restaurants across the Colorado Front Range. We use ShiftNote’s online logbook to stay abreast of the goings on in the stores as well as to track an estimated food, liquor and labor cost at each store. Further it’s great to have a searchable historic record of sales and events to help in forecasting and budgeting.

Benefits of Using ShiftNote

Since switching from the Manager’s Red Book to SN, our awareness has increased exponentially. You would not believe the shocked looks that we get from employees and customers alike when we can demonstrate a working knowledge of the nights flow and sightings of regular guests even though we weren’t physically working the shift. It’s amazing to be able to offer support to the teams when something happens that I can help them address and further even more amazing when I receive a Repair & Maintenance alert, calling them with a solution to their problem just minutes after they posted it to ShiftNote’s digital logbook.

On Average, Time Saved Per Shift on Management Related Tasks


Time Using ShiftNote

3 years

Tools Used for Management Related Tasks Before ShiftNote

Manager’s Red Book