Business Overview

I work in the restaurant business, where communication is a key to success. At times achieving this communication can be difficult, but with the use of ShiftNote, myself and fellow managers are able to communicate throughout the day. It helps us to prepare for busier days, and keeps us all on the same page when it comes to certain issues, or training procedures.

Benefits of Using ShiftNote

  • There is a ton of open communication so no one is left in the dark
  • We are able to prepare for upcoming events better
  • Getting updates without going into the office is amazing!!

Specific Time ShiftNote Was Useful

As an opener, the ShiftNote daily log helps me properly prepare for the day, as we have many large groups that come in. There was one time we had an 80 person group come in and because of ShiftNote, I was able to prepare for their arrival with out running out of product.

On Average, Time Saved Per Shift on Management Related Tasks


Time Using ShiftNote

10 years