Business Overview

We are at once surface and symbol. Our logo, which is dominated by the Celtic Knot, is insinuated not only into our décor and menu and onto our wall, but also unto the walls of our imagination. It can speak to us of mystery, of beginning and end, of what is now and of what is to be. Like poetry, we touch upon the coherent and the unknowable at the same time. Thus the Pub is about more than food and drink. We want to give you magic and metaphysics with your meat and malt. We hope that we nourish your spirit and enable you to experience not only another great good place but also a great good thought.

“We make the ordinary extraordinary by expressingeach pub in terms of art. Our method, and indeed our madness, is using language and artifact to reveal the pub’s soul” — Bobby Byrne


Benefits of Using ShiftNote

My company is a current user of shiftNote. We have 5 locations and I tell everyone I know in the business, ShiftNote is the best thing we’ve done in 41 years in business.

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