Business Overview

I manage a high volume restaurant, and have almost 100 employees. In the town I live in, Abuelo’s (the restaurant I manage) is the most popular, and busiest on a regular basis. If you like Mexican food, you would always eat here!! I really enjoy ShiftNote’ digital log book and shift notes because it keeps me and the other managers organized, and always on the same page. It has been a great way of communication! Before ShiftNote, we would hand write messages and I’m sure you know, not all handwriting is legible. I would recommend ShiftNote manager’s logbook and employee scheduling software to any company that does not already have it!!

Benefits of Using ShiftNote

It has created the best communication between us managers, and has made us a stronger team. Everything that happens, with guests, employees, etc. in the restaurant is documented in ShiftNote.

On Average, Time Saved Per Shift on Management Related Tasks


Time Using ShiftNote

3.5 years

Tools Used for Management Related Tasks Before ShiftNote

Before ShiftNote, we would hand write everything.