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Sell the SIZZLE, Not the Steak: Increase Restaurant Sales

  You have probably heard the saying “Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak.” This essentially means you should be selling the benefits of your product instead of the features, or selling people what they want as opposed to what they need. Anyway you say it, this phrase comes down to the simple fact that consumers…  Continue Reading »

Scheduling for the Holidays – Let’s Capture Sales!

As a restaurant, the holidays are your best marketing opportunity. The focus during the holiday season for your restaurant is, of course, capturing sales. You may think this is cut and dry marketing, but your employees are the biggest part of growing your sales during the season. The guest experience during the holiday season of…  Continue Reading »

Why we are no longer supporting IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)

We’re throwing in the towel and will no longer be supporting the web browser Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and older versions. As the web continues to evolve, older browsers simply cannot support many of the technologies needed to provide a fast and user friendly experience for ShiftNote. As of January 2014, w3schools is showing that…  Continue Reading »

ShiftNote Outage

We had an outage last night between 11:33 pm and 12:12 am CST.  The outage was caused by a issue our hosting company had at one of their data centers.  Here is what our hosting company said: At approximately 12:33AM ET we experienced a power failure in our Newark, Delaware DC4 datacenter where possibly some…  Continue Reading »

Browsers Supported & Browser Setting

Browsers We Support Internet Explorer 9+ to latest stable version Firefox – 3.6+ to latest stable version Chrome – 1+ to latest stable version Browser Settings All Browsers You must also have “cookies” and “JavaScript” enabled in your browser to use our online services. These features are usually on by default but can be modified in your…  Continue Reading »