We’re more than just a software development firm – we help businesses throughout the world to change the way they communicate and grow. Long story short, we are a shift communication tool. Kansas City In 2002, ShiftNote entered the world to replace traditional paper log books used in the hospitality industry with a digital format, the online manager’s logbook. The adventure started in Kansas City, Mo., and we have since grown with satellite offices in Detroit and Seattle. We are passionate about developing easy-to-use and intuitive employee scheduling software that can be used anytime, any place. ShiftNote was originally created by restaurant managers for restaurant managers to simply improve shift-to-shift communication. As past restaurant managers, we know how important and challenging quality communication is, so we developed an online application that helps all levels of workforce stay in the loop. The result of using ShiftNote’s online manager’s logbook versus a traditional paper log book has been amazing. So amazing, in fact, that over the years ShiftNote has been widely adopted by companies in a range of industries such as hotels, retail stores, and healthcare. ShiftNote makes communication between shifts easy to keep teams on task and organized for success. It is our mission to bring management, people and systems together with an easy-to-use application. Enjoy!