Get Your Shift Together: How Miscommunication Is Killing Your Restaurant’s Profits

Great communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, especially for restaurants. With that many employees and shifts moving through the restaurant, communication often falls through the cracks. Yet shift-to-shift communication is an incredibly valuable key to success. The Ken Blanchard Companies performed four studies between 2003 and 2006 on key traits that can make…  Continue Reading »

Scheduling for the Holidays – Let’s Capture Sales!

As a restaurant, the holidays are your best marketing opportunity. The focus during the holiday season for your restaurant is, of course, capturing sales. You may think this is cut and dry marketing, but your employees are the biggest part of growing your sales during the season. The guest experience during the holiday season of…  Continue Reading »

Navigate the Stress of Holiday Scheduling

Navigate the Stress of Holiday Scheduling Many managers and owners despise the task of scheduling, but during the holiday season this hate-fire burns more brightly than any other time during the year. Holiday scheduling can absolutely be a stressful nightmare! As a leader, you want to balance the desire to make your employees happy by…  Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant for the Holiday Rush

November, December and January are usually hectic months in the restaurant world. Without proper preparation for the increased traffic and inevitable scheduling conflicts that will occur, these next two months will be stressful. It is up to you to see if the mark the holidays leave on your restaurant is a negative or positive one….  Continue Reading »

Achieve World Class Communication, Like the World Champion Kansas City Royals

ShiftNote’s headquarters are located in the Kansas City Metro, so you can imagine how insane the home office has been with the Royals winning the World Series! The Royals win is changing how baseball is played and a lot of that is due to the outstanding communication the team has. Besides the fact that all…  Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

The following article is a guest post by Tim Sunderland and our friends over at NetWaiter. Raising prices isn’t the only way for a restaurant to increase sales. There are plenty of strategies you can take to reduce costs and attract more customers. Read on for six things you can do to increase restaurant sales…  Continue Reading »

ShiftNote Summer 2015 Release Notes: Make Scheduling Even Easier

ShiftNote Summer 2015 Release Notes: Make Scheduling Even Easier Our code ninjas have been hard at work improving ShiftNote Scheduling! They listened to your feedback about what you would like to see and have been training hard to make Scheduling a more awesome and efficient experience. We are ready to release the following new features…  Continue Reading »

Calling Early Adopters ShiftNotes New Employee Mobile Site BETA

We’ve been hard at work listening to your requests. And, we just finished developing a new employee mobile site. We have made it easier to view your schedule, pickup open shifts, communicate with your mangers, and request time off through your mobile device. We will work on the manager’s mobile site in the months to…  Continue Reading »

Welcome Home! Introducing the redesigned ShiftNote app home page

As some of you might have noticed, we recently overhauled the ShiftNote home page (the first page you see after signing into ShiftNote on your computer.) It is available to all management level users, and you can currently switch back and forth between the old and new version by way of the beta link in…  Continue Reading »

Why we are no longer supporting IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)

We’re throwing in the towel and will no longer be supporting the web browser Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) and older versions. As the web continues to evolve, older browsers simply cannot support many of the technologies needed to provide a fast and user friendly experience for ShiftNote. As of January 2014, w3schools is showing that…  Continue Reading »